Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers!

What should I look for in a home improvement and remodeling contractor?


     Your project's success will be largely determined by choosing the right company. Be sure that the company has the construction and technical expertise for your specific project. Be sure to ask questions, the answers that you get in return should tell you if the company has what it takes.

Why is it important to get the contract in writing?

     Without a written contract for your project, there is no way to ensure that your expectations are being met. Be sure to get a copy for your records.

Is the price quoted the final price? Will there be any hidden charges?

     The price you are quoted in the contract will be the price you pay. However, nobody will be able to determine the condition of hidden elements of your home. This includes things like rotten wood. We do not cover up or conceal these problems. You will be given the opportunity to personally inspect these areas and provided with a quote for repairs before you ever incur any charges. There will never be any surprise charges that you have not been made aware of and have not authorized. 

What kind of warranty do you offer?

     Next Home Remodeling offers a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. This is in addition to any full manufacturer's warranty. Its the very best in the business!

Do you have insurance?

     Each job is backed by a 2-million dollar general liability insurance policy along with full workman's compensation insurance that covers all crews working on your home.

When will my project start? When will it be complete?

     Every project is overseen by a highly knowledgeable and professional project manager. Depending on your project, shortly after placing the order you will be contacted to set up an appointment with your project manager. This pre-installation appointment is to go over every step of the project and confirm what is exactly going to be done. After all materials are ordered, your job will be scheduled as soon as possible. Each project is unique and it is hard to determine exactly when your project will start or how long it will take to complete. We aim to install all projects as soon as possible. We can give you a better idea of the timeline of your project during your free in-home consultation.

What happens after my project is complete?

     The project manager will do a final quality control inspection. This is to ensure that everything is complete. 

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